Sunday, 28 December 2008

Christmas is comming the dogs are getting fat

Well its been a lovely Christmas quiet just lazying around the fireside the dogs loved it getting all the nice festive food left overs.As you will see with the photos there was not much activity Training (what is that) we all know there is a price to pay but what the heck its great fun and weight watchers can wait for the new year and training can always be done another day.Ruben"s street cred will take a bashing with his photo him and his teddy.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

comfy beds

Well Lilly Loo Loo seems to have the right idea Carter seems comfy in the suns rays,where as Lilly has gone for the bed by the roaring fire.I know which i would choose (move over Lilly Loo )

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Lilly Loo Loo

Well things have taken a turn for the worse for Lily LOO,her late"s visit to the vet has resulted in the vets having a change of mind regarding her little leg they now feel it should be amputated as its not growing as well as we had hoped and it is of no use to her.It would be better for her to have it removed.I had hoped we could have saved it for her but its just not to be ,its such a pity and i feel so sad for her but as the vet said she has never used it so she wont know any different .I just wanted her to be whole and happy she wont be whole but we will make sure she is happy and she continues to boss her brother about.Our vet would like to wait till she is a bit older and stronger before operating on her so its just a matter of waiting.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Lost that loving feeling

Well Ruben must be over the fact that two of the girls are in season ,he has resigned himself to waiting he is sure mum will have a nice little bitch for him soon.He showed very well at the papillon show today looking as good as ever. The girls at home a distant memory he got best dog in show and reserve best in show.I showed two of my pal Joanie"s!!!!dogs Indy and Marnie both showed well but would have benefited from having there mum to show them but she was busy doing some stewarding for the club .Marnie got a third in Limit and Indy a forth in Junior,It was a long day we were there first thing in the morning to set up the hall and then to clear up at the end but it was a lovely day.

Monday, 17 November 2008

So in Love

Ruben has been like a spinning top over the last couple of days we have two of the girls in season and he literally doesn't know which way to turn.But alas the girls are not for him ,well one will be but not till next year and the other is his sister so that is a big no no,but he lives in hope.He went to the LKA of Scotland show on Sunday showing was not his first priority and i must say it was like having a fire cracker at the end of the lead he strutted around looking for any obliging girls there was a pretty little bitch next to him in the ring and she flirted with him that made his day .

He went on to win his class and get Best in Breed so all was not lost.So for Ruben it was then home to gaze lovingly at the girls and dream of what could be.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Getting older

Well puppies are doing well Lilly Loo Loo is coping with her leg being taped its getting real straight and strong, out come is looking brighter.Carter is so like his dad Ruben in looks but he has his mother nature.Things are quiet, no shows over last couple of weeks dogs are just chilling and enjoying lying beside the fire cant do much more weather so poor .Hope to get Carter some road work when the weather is better he loves going out and meeting people,Lilly Loo just doesn't like it she prefers sticking close to home its not so easy for her as she has quite a pronounced limp due to the leg being taped ,but she will be fine once the leg is fixed mean time she can just play around the garden and house and keeping Carter in his place.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Up Date

We have been off line for a while due to Champ shows Ruben( Northlyte Timeless at Bonmeshay.JW ShCm) got the dog CC at Driffield what a day that was.(Evie Bonmeshay"s Eve) got 1st in Junior Bitch Mimi (Northlyte Mist of Time at Bonmeshay)got 2nd in Limit class so it.
was a great day all round We are off to Belfast on Sunday we will see how we do, another day a different judge .Up date on lilly Loo Loo she no longer has a splint on the vet feels all she requires meantime is to keep her leg wrapped in vet wrap to hold the split toes together till she is older then she will have the split toe removed ,it is not a supporting part so she should be fine.The only problem i see its is such a long split it might be a big operation but i have a great deal of faith in my vet so we will deal with when its time.She is a big girl now she has her kennel club name (Bonmeshay" Miss Loo Loo) the wee boy he is looking real good a chip of the old block his dad Ruben has passed on his good looks.Carter"s kennel club name is (Bonmeshay"Get Carter) he looks like his dad but he has his mothers Tootsie (Abbeyton to Sweet to Kiss at Bonmeshay JW) love of life and goes at it at 100 miles an hour a happy wee chappie bags of confidence lets hope he stays that way when he starts showing ,he is a lovely wee dog to live with they both are

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Puppies up -date

Well both Lilly Loo Loo and Carter are doing real well Lilly has now been wearing a splint for several weeks now. Its a waiting game to see the out come,but she is copping very well with it and races around with her brother she will tackle anything. As for our showing its been very good Ruben (Northlyte Timeless at Bonmeshay) got reserve best in show at thePapillon Club show his son Joseph (Adnamashan Time after Time ) getting best in show what a day we had.On the Sunday Ruben won the limit class at SKC Champ Show Evie (Bonmeshay"s Eve) got a second in her junior Class Mimi (Northlyte Mist Of Time At Bonmeshay) got first in Post grad so that is her qualified for Crufts she was the only one left we needed to qualify.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Lilly Loo Loo

First of all congratulations to Adnamashan One moment in time Ruben (Northlyte Timeless at Bonmeshay) son He got first in open at Kircaldaly Canine Club open show the got BOB Puppy Group 1 & Group 2 then went on to get reserve best puppy in show what a day.

Well Lilly Loo Loo went to the vet this morning she has had her leg splinted and she is not liking it at all.Vet will see her in a couple of day and asses how its going and do any repairs to it as necessary and that may be quite a few if its left up to Lil as she thinks its there just for her to chew

Friday, 25 July 2008

puppies up date

Well Lilly Loo Loo is now trying to get about its hard to watch her as she struggles with getting her puppy wobble right and trying to get her balance as she is only on three legs,she finds it hard to get to her food bowl, when she puts her head down she cant get the balance as a result she falls into it .We now hold the bowl up to her and she manages this.She certainly is not slow when she gets her balance she can move at a fair pace after her brother,she is a happy wee sole and even at this young age she knows her name and wobbles up to me tail wagging Carter is a nice wee pup and loves to be lifted and cuddled he is a little more reserved but still comes tail wagging.As we see by the photos their foster brothers are doing really well and gaining weight one is now12ozs from 4ozs the other is 11.9 again from 4ozs all i can say is well done foster mum Tootsie (my special Girl but we wont tell the others ) they all have a special place with me

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Show Results

Well what a day we had at Paisley Canine Show .
Ruben(NorthlyteTimeless) atBonmeshaywonBOB & Group2 followed by his son Axl ( Adnamashan One in a Million) getting 2nd in Open Class then his other son (Adnamashan Time after Time) getting 3rd

His daughter Mesha(Adnamashan one Moment in Time) got1st in Graduate his son Axl(Adnamashan One in a Million) got 2nd his other son Joseph (Adnamashan Time after Time) got 3rd

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Good News

Brilliant news for Lilly Loo Loo from the vet they think they will be able to save her leg from amputation .Her leg is growing so they will splint it straight and keep splint on as long as possible then she will have surgery to fix her leg properly and sort out her foot.So fingers crossed for her.The photos are of Lilly Loo Loo Carter and their wee foster brother Fraser.We have two wee puppies we are trying to bring on for a friend of ours so again fingers crossed for the pups .So far its going well

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Day out

Ruben (Northlyte Timeless) and i went to the Greenock Show to day leaving Papa Jack to look after Tootsie and her puppies.It was a nice show very friendly and to crown it all Ruben went BOB and then took Group 3.Soon it was time to go back home to the rest of Bonmeshay's gang and as usual we had a warm welcome.

Friday, 11 July 2008

puppie up date

Both pups are doing really well ,gaining weight steadily both have their eyes open.The wee girl Lilly Loo Loo will see vet on Wednesday and we will decide about her leg.I am so not looking forward to it but it must be done.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Lilly Loo Loo

Sad news on Tootsie wee girl pup she has been diagnosed with the condition Ectrodactyly(Lobster Claw) This occurs at the Embriotic Stage its not Genetic.My Vet has never seen it. On further research into the condition it seems to be rare and is mainly seen in larger breeds.Lilly Loo Loo 'S Radial and Ulna bones on her front leg are split up to her elbow and the leg is shorter than the rest .The only course of action is to amputate her leg she will see our Vet when she reaches three weeks and we will discuss our next plan for her.She will be living with us what ever lies a head for her .The wee boy is doing real well, both have more than doubled their weight

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Puppies up -date

Well Mum and puppies are wellTootsie is such a good mum and really enjoys her pups and she is happy to let me lift them to check over and weigh them or just to have a wee cuddle.The wee girl is now 8oz's the boy is 7.7oz's but as of yet they still have no names we just cant agree on names yet.The wee girl is on the left of both pictures

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Tootsie has her puppies

Tootsie (Abbeyton to sweet to Kiss at Bonmeshay JW) & Ruben (Northlyte Timeless at Bonmeshay JW & ShCm) would like to announce the birth of their wee boy and wee girl they were born on Wednesday with the help of Papa Dougie, both are doing well, as of yet they have no names we are looking for cute names.Both are red & white and are nicely marked.I will keep the blog updated on their progress Tootsie is a lovely mum and she is enjoying her baby"s

Monday, 2 June 2008

Family ties

Ruben enjoying (lol) the company of his daughter Mesha and sons Joseph and Axl at another very successful show (North of Scotland Toy Dog Show) Ruben got 1st in Grad All pups got 1st in their classes Mesha went on to get Best Puppy in Breed.It was her chance as both boys got Best puppy's in two previous Shows .Axl at Papillon Club of Scotland Champ Show.Joseph at East of England Champ Show

Sunday, 18 May 2008


Bonmeshay"s Eve(Evie) as you can see has had a very busy weekend,she got a third place at SKC Champ show her first time in junior class and it was a big class so we were very pleased.Then it was on to Papillon Club of Scotland Champ show where she got a first in junior another big class what a wee star.Northlyte Timeless (Ruben) got a 2nd in yearling at SKC Abbeyton to sweet to kiss at Bonmeshay got 2nd in Graduate.Ruben got a third in Post Grad dog class his first time in this class at Papillon Champ show with Tootsie getting a 4th in Post Grad bitch, so they are all having a well deserved rest and running around the garden much to the annoyance of the to old shiddy girls who like to live life at a much much slower pace

Monday, 12 May 2008

Ziggy first show"s

Well what a lovely weekend i had with my daughter Kirsty and her husband Stuart they were showing their Chinese Crested pup Ziggy .He came out with a bang getting puppy group1 on Saturday at Kirkintilloch open show & Sunday at Cummnock open show he again won puppy group 1.there were a few tears shed with excitement My little laddie(NorthlyteTimeless AKA Ruben) also did very well gaining best in breed and group 4 at Cummnock open show. BY THE LOOK ON RUBENS FACE ITS NOW BED TIME.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Ruben (Northlyte Timeless) did well at "Land of Burns" show he took best of breed.

Evie (Bonmeshay Eve) went well at Kilmaurs Country Show she got second in any Terrier & Toy class a big class. We are looking forward to all the summer shows as i now have a caravan and it will be just fab.I can take as many dogs with me i am hoping my friend Joan will accompany me.Gillian and i have started by booking on to Border Union,it will be such fun

Thursday, 1 May 2008


My daughter Gillian took our eldest papillon Leo (Abbeyton Sunshine Boy) to the local Scottish Kennel Club obedience heats to try there hand/paw at obedience and were also hoping to gain a place to qualify for the Final held at the SKC in August. They drew the short straw and had to go first out of the 19 dogs also there hoping to qualify, Leo being the only small dog. So off they went and started the test, Leo performed like a little star and the only mistakes made were by Gillian!! After the test they had a long wait until the other dogs performed their tests then with all the dogs finished they all done their stays together Leo behaved very well and didn't break his stays even when several dogs around him got up. So after a long night the results were finally announced and to our joy Leo took first place!!!! So now they will be practising very hard until August!!!

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Bonmeshays Evie

Evie and i had a lovely day at Kilmaurs Show with Joan Hugo and Indie ,it was bitter cold but dogs had their coats on so they were fine and enjoyed meeting all the different dogs large and small Evie got a second in any terrier or toy dog class so she did very well.By the time we were finished at the show we were hungry so decided to go and get something to eat(in one fell swoop the diet was forgotten) as we headed to Burger King" oh well try again on monday"

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Chill out time

Tootsie (Abbeyton to sweet to kiss @ Bonmeshay JW )is having a well deserved rest on her return from UK Toy DOG championship show last week .She did very well getting 2nd in her very strong class in Graduate bitch.The dog who beat her went on to win the bitch CC.So she did very well indeed.

Ruben (Northlyte Timeless @ Bonmeshay JW & ScHm)also did well he was in Graduate Dog and at 19 months and just now getting is coat after is coat dropped over the last couple of months.He got a 4th in a very nice class of dogs .So a very good day was had by all.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Show Time

Tootsie ABBEYTON TO SWEET TO KISS AT BONMESHAY has only been back showing for a couple of months has she had pups in May, and as a result dropped her coat.Prior to having her puppies Toots did very well gaining Many 1st BOBs Group placings and getting Best Puppy In Breed at Richmond Champ Show she also gained her JW .Toots was short listed at Crufts this year but did not get any further but i was thrilled at her being short listed from a class of 11.So we will see if this year holds anything for Toots,but as far as she is concerned like Ruben there is no place like Mums knee
As we can see Ruben NORTHLYTE TIMELESS has had a very good year gaining many
1st, BOBs, group placings in both puppy and adult,winning Best in Show in both Scottish Toy Dog & North of Scotland Toy Dog Shows.He gained his JW and ShCM finishing his year off with Reserve CC at Northern & Eastern Champ Show and he is still a youngster 19 months.What fun i have had showing him he is a joy to show and most important he is a lovely wee dog to live with and he is happiest sitting on my knee,so if the coming year doesn't bring him so much in the ring i am still taking my bonnie laddie home with me lets see what the next year brings.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Saturday, 15 March 2008

blog crash

Haven't been on line, blog has been down for a few days,Crufts well what can one say you wait all year for this show your expectations high and then reality steps in.Toots was short listed but went no further,not bad for a wee bitch who had pups only 10 months ago and is just starting to get her coat back .Ruben has done so well over the last 6 months many BOB and Group placings and getting Best in show in both North of Scotland Toy Dog Show and Scottish Toy Dog,and he got a reserve CC at Notheren & Eastern Championship Show,but he just wasn't what the judge at Crufts was looking for as he was unplaced .One lives in hope for next year and i am having so much fun showing my dogs.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Bath Day

Toots Mum just said that word "bath time" It must be time to get ready for Crufts "OO NO."Let scamper out of here .

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Toots & Rubens day out

Toots and Ruben had a nice day out at the Catrine Dog show Ruben took first in Graduate went on to get Best of Breed Toots got first in open.Gillian was stewarding ,with Stuart doing second steward( his first time) he really enjoyed himself so a good time was had by all.Its now time to rest up in preparation for Crufts.WHOOPEE

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Toots win

Toots got best of breed at Airdrie & Coatbridge show today her coat is coming back after her puppies .Hopefully it will be back to normal for Crufts we will just have to wait and see.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Evie's Valentine Win

Evie beat off stiff competition to win best puppy at Irvine Valley Dog Training Club Valentine's Match Night. A good night was had by all .

Thursday, 31 January 2008

My Great Grandson

havent been on line for a while its been an exciting time awaiting the arival of our new addition to the family.Well here he is joshua he weighed 4lb & 9 ounces small but perfectly formed.He is being held for his photo shoot by his aunt Gillian she said she wasent realy into babies but i think she lies by the look on her face.May be this is our next little junior handler well if Aunt Gillian and Nana Anna have their way i am sure he will