Friday, 25 July 2008

puppies up date

Well Lilly Loo Loo is now trying to get about its hard to watch her as she struggles with getting her puppy wobble right and trying to get her balance as she is only on three legs,she finds it hard to get to her food bowl, when she puts her head down she cant get the balance as a result she falls into it .We now hold the bowl up to her and she manages this.She certainly is not slow when she gets her balance she can move at a fair pace after her brother,she is a happy wee sole and even at this young age she knows her name and wobbles up to me tail wagging Carter is a nice wee pup and loves to be lifted and cuddled he is a little more reserved but still comes tail wagging.As we see by the photos their foster brothers are doing really well and gaining weight one is now12ozs from 4ozs the other is 11.9 again from 4ozs all i can say is well done foster mum Tootsie (my special Girl but we wont tell the others ) they all have a special place with me

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