Sunday, 28 December 2008

Christmas is comming the dogs are getting fat

Well its been a lovely Christmas quiet just lazying around the fireside the dogs loved it getting all the nice festive food left overs.As you will see with the photos there was not much activity Training (what is that) we all know there is a price to pay but what the heck its great fun and weight watchers can wait for the new year and training can always be done another day.Ruben"s street cred will take a bashing with his photo him and his teddy.


Abbeyton Papillons & Phalenes said...

That wouldn't be Leo keeping the heat from the fire all to himself would it???? LOL

Anonymous said...

hi anna I see Ruben is top sire in our dogs. is the photo of Ruben sleeping dreaming of stud work
well done everyone involved