Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Ma wee boy

Took Carter out for his walk today he was a little skittish but i thought he would settle as we went along (big mistake) I turned into a side road with the intention of going to the park "i hate to think what would have happened if i carried along on the main road as its a very very busy road"I just started to walk down the road when a group of hill walkers came behind us but they were not noisy but it spooked Carter and he pulled back on his lead twisted and at this point the collar opened and he took off down the middle of the road i thought he was going to get run over ,he was deaf to my call and i could only follow as quickly as i could i tried not to panic but it was so scary i got him hiding in a bush he was so upset and shaking .I just stood there crying and cuddling him passerby must have thought i was a crazy woman.When we got home i got all the collars with the snap buckles and threw them in the bin i will buy them all safer collars in the morning.I decided to take him back out later in the day to leave him a positive felling about going out i put on a safer collar and off we set it went well and we returned home with a happy puppy.

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