Friday, 26 September 2008

Up Date

We have been off line for a while due to Champ shows Ruben( Northlyte Timeless at Bonmeshay.JW ShCm) got the dog CC at Driffield what a day that was.(Evie Bonmeshay"s Eve) got 1st in Junior Bitch Mimi (Northlyte Mist of Time at Bonmeshay)got 2nd in Limit class so it.
was a great day all round We are off to Belfast on Sunday we will see how we do, another day a different judge .Up date on lilly Loo Loo she no longer has a splint on the vet feels all she requires meantime is to keep her leg wrapped in vet wrap to hold the split toes together till she is older then she will have the split toe removed ,it is not a supporting part so she should be fine.The only problem i see its is such a long split it might be a big operation but i have a great deal of faith in my vet so we will deal with when its time.She is a big girl now she has her kennel club name (Bonmeshay" Miss Loo Loo) the wee boy he is looking real good a chip of the old block his dad Ruben has passed on his good looks.Carter"s kennel club name is (Bonmeshay"Get Carter) he looks like his dad but he has his mothers Tootsie (Abbeyton to Sweet to Kiss at Bonmeshay JW) love of life and goes at it at 100 miles an hour a happy wee chappie bags of confidence lets hope he stays that way when he starts showing ,he is a lovely wee dog to live with they both are