Saturday 2 January 2010

Fie Nearly all grown up

I haven't been on line for quite some time it was a busy time with the pups, three have gone to really nice homes i wanted to keep them all but it just was not possible but i know i will hear all about them as time goes on .I kept one of the wee girls Fie formally called Gracie she is in the picture sitting by the fire with her mum ,aunt tootsie ,and Uncle Leo she is the one looking at the camera She is a nice wee pup and a bundle of fun the other dogs are so very patient with her as she pesters them to play with her .I am hoping she turns out as nice as her mum and dad i will take her to the shows and see how she gets on, so far she is looking nice and moves well like her dad .She doesn't care what she looks like she is happy to play and get mucky with the rest of them.She wont be going any where no matter what happens in the show ring

Friday 25 September 2009

Daddy baby sitting & puppys growing



A night in with mum and Dad

Its been a very busy time the pups are coming on and just taking over the house the other dogs are so good with them .Thats them 8 weeks now time has just flew past soon it will be the time i have dreaded for them to go to there new homes at 12 weeks its the worst bit i would love to keep them all but its just not possiable.I will keep one to show and find fab homes for the other two

Tuesday 1 September 2009

Growing Up

Spot the puppy

What a difference two weeks make the puppies are just lovely and a picture of health even little hope (the one in the front right ) who had a bit of a battle to stay with us is thriving

Sunday 23 August 2009

Meet the babys

Red boy is Adair Tri boy is Banner the dark sable girl is Gracie and the Tri girl that we nearly lost is called Hope there mum Mimi is a brilliant mum both she and pups are all very well

Friday 31 July 2009

Mum & Dad

Mimi (Northlyte Mist of Time At Bonmeshay) had four lovely puppy"s last night they were five day"s early but Mum and pups are all well.She had two wee girls and two boys.I told there dad Bonmeshay"s Get Carter AKA Carter he was a dad but he was less than impressed once puppy"s are a bit older i will take there photo and put it on the Blog

Friday 3 July 2009

Three in a Row

It was Carter"s first class in Junior at Blackpool Champ Show i hoped that he would get a first in his class as his Mum Tootsie "Abbeyton To Sweet to Kiss At Bonmeshay "got first in her class first time in junior as did his dad Ruben "Northlyte Timeless at Bonmeshay"Well he showed his socks off beating some quality papillons to get a first in his class.His dad Ruben got a first in Limit a big class again a class of quality dogs Mun Tootsie was not showing.

Cooling Off

The dogs had a great time in the little pool it was a real hot day so it cooled them and the had so much fun!well there were three of the team who did not think it was such a fun thing Lilly Loo Loo watched from the safety of the hut door Ruben and Mimi watched from the decking they were not at all impressed