Friday, 25 September 2009

Daddy baby sitting & puppys growing



A night in with mum and Dad

Its been a very busy time the pups are coming on and just taking over the house the other dogs are so good with them .Thats them 8 weeks now time has just flew past soon it will be the time i have dreaded for them to go to there new homes at 12 weeks its the worst bit i would love to keep them all but its just not possiable.I will keep one to show and find fab homes for the other two

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Growing Up

Spot the puppy

What a difference two weeks make the puppies are just lovely and a picture of health even little hope (the one in the front right ) who had a bit of a battle to stay with us is thriving

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Meet the babys

Red boy is Adair Tri boy is Banner the dark sable girl is Gracie and the Tri girl that we nearly lost is called Hope there mum Mimi is a brilliant mum both she and pups are all very well

Friday, 31 July 2009

Mum & Dad

Mimi (Northlyte Mist of Time At Bonmeshay) had four lovely puppy"s last night they were five day"s early but Mum and pups are all well.She had two wee girls and two boys.I told there dad Bonmeshay"s Get Carter AKA Carter he was a dad but he was less than impressed once puppy"s are a bit older i will take there photo and put it on the Blog

Friday, 3 July 2009

Three in a Row

It was Carter"s first class in Junior at Blackpool Champ Show i hoped that he would get a first in his class as his Mum Tootsie "Abbeyton To Sweet to Kiss At Bonmeshay "got first in her class first time in junior as did his dad Ruben "Northlyte Timeless at Bonmeshay"Well he showed his socks off beating some quality papillons to get a first in his class.His dad Ruben got a first in Limit a big class again a class of quality dogs Mun Tootsie was not showing.

Cooling Off

The dogs had a great time in the little pool it was a real hot day so it cooled them and the had so much fun!well there were three of the team who did not think it was such a fun thing Lilly Loo Loo watched from the safety of the hut door Ruben and Mimi watched from the decking they were not at all impressed

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Well done Leo& Bonnie

Abbeyton Sunshine Boy at Bonmeshay AKA Leo Has had a fabulous start to the first agility show year he attended the Avon dog agility show he was entered for 4 classes and took first place in every class he thoroughly enjoyed himself, he has now won out of grade 2 and will now run in grade 3 not bad for the first show of the year.Leo was joined by Bonnie our little cross breed who at the age of nine was only entered in one class in which she took second place to Leo"s first,a good time was had by all.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

So Proud

(Northlyte Timeless @Bonmeshay) AKA my Ruben was invited to compete in the very prestigious Scottish Show dog of the year at Ingleston Show ground he did not win but he beat quite a few dogs of different breeds he showed so well and i was so proud to be taking him around the very large ring he moved so so well, he is a wee show man.He flew the flag for the Papillons and did a fantastic job of it.

lilly loo loo Wee Soul

Lilly Loo Loo has been at out of sorts lately as just after operation she came into season.She just did not know what end to worry about ,but her operation site is healing really well and she is starting to put her little leg down but she still doesn't like it to be touched.Her season still has just over a week to go so in that department she is still out of sorts (but she has decided she likes the boys ) no chance this little lady will be spayed i think she has gone through enough she can just have an easy life .

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Lilly Loo Loo recovering

Lilly Loo looking and feeling a lot better she is eating " a little often" but that's OK as long as she is eating.I had her at vet this morning for her check up and he is very pleased the wound is clean and no sign of infection so unless there is anything i am concerned about he wont need to see her till next Friday to have stitches removed.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Lilly Loo Loo "s operation

It has been a worrying couple of days Lilly Loo Loo went to get her leg sorted the vet asked me to come in and discuss what was best for Lill and what the options were.Its was a day i just did not want to come but she has come through it really well ,the photo shows what she is left with it looks horrific but it is nice and clean and when her hair grows it will be fine.She is such a wee brave sole shortly after this photo was taken she wanted out to do her toilet.Vet wants to see her on Saturday just to check it over but so far there seems to be no problem.I will keep the blog up to date on her recovery has she has a few fans who have been asking after her and wanted to know how she gets on.( May be to day i can take a deep breath she is through the worse)

Thursday, 23 April 2009


Carter (Bonmeshay"s Get Carter) has had great success since he started showing 3 months ago, he has won his class at all his open show and got puppy group 1 and Last week he won his junior class and AV puppy went on to win best puppy in show. At both Championship Shows he attended he was place second in big classes third time Lucky maybe a first next time out.He is such a fun wee dog but can he a bit of a fire cracker at the end of the lead he just wants to play with all the other dogs in the ring His mum (Abbeyton To sweet to Kiss At Bonmeshay JW)AKA Tootsie was just the same she loves showing and will be returning to the show ring as soon as we get her a wee bit slimmer she put on a bit of weight( tell me about it) on since she had her puppies,but she is still beautiful and my special girl i look forward to having both mum and son in the show ring.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Father & Son

Well Ruben and Carter did well at the Clydebank & District show Carter won the Pap junior class went on to win AV toy Minor Puppy and then Puppy Group 2.Ruben won the Pap open class best of breed and then group 3,Father and son"s first day out together at a show ,I enjoyed showing them.This weekend it was not so good Carter got "flung oot" and Mimi got a4th but that"s dog showing .Ruben stayed at home as i had a stall at the show and two dog is enough as i need help to look after the stall, when i am in the ring with the dogs and Ruben has done his share of showing he will take a back seat at some of the open shows and his son can have a go .I will take him to the champ shows.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

What the boy"s and girl"s have been up to

Well Carter(Bonmeshay"s Get Carter) seems to be doing well in the ring he got 1st in AV puppy and puppy group 2 last weekend at Coatbridge Airdrie & District Show ,this week he got 2nd in Papillon Graduate then went on to get puppy group 2 at Irvine&District Show.His dad Northlyte Timeless AKA "Ruben"was not showing he is having a rest prior to Crufts ,Ruben"s sister Northlyte Mist of Time AKA Mimi @Bonmeshay won her papillon class at the Coatbridge Show she went on to get Group 2 she is very pretty and loves to be out and about.We are taking Abbeyton To Sweet to Kiss @ Bonmeshay AKA Tootsie(Carter"s Mum) Bonmeshay"s Eve AKA Evie Mimi and Ruben to Crufts all the dogs like to go to the show especially Tootsie she has her own fan club .Gillian and i are really looking forward to taking them win lose or draw we will bring all the other dogs at home plenty of treats.
Lilly Loo is getting stronger soon it will be time to think about her operation i know it has to be done but i would just like her to go on the way she is, but i am being selfish as the operation should make getting around easier for her but i just don't want anything to happen to herI will take her to be assessed when we return from Crufts.

Thursday, 12 February 2009


Ruben has just become the dad to 6 lovely puppies 4boys and 2 girls this makes 13 puppies in just 3 matings . It was a repeat mating as the last litter was so nice 5 puppies in that litter and Angela of Adnamashan Papillons would have kept them all but she had to decide, she kept 2 boys and one girl they have gone on to do real well so much so their winnings have earned Ruben top sire in Our Dogs paper. My puppy from Ruben "Bonmeshay"s Get Carter" is looking good hopefully he will do well in the ring. I wonder what Ruben is dreaming of "Wonder when my next date will be or I am just glad I did not have to take care of them all"

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Ma wee boy

Took Carter out for his walk today he was a little skittish but i thought he would settle as we went along (big mistake) I turned into a side road with the intention of going to the park "i hate to think what would have happened if i carried along on the main road as its a very very busy road"I just started to walk down the road when a group of hill walkers came behind us but they were not noisy but it spooked Carter and he pulled back on his lead twisted and at this point the collar opened and he took off down the middle of the road i thought he was going to get run over ,he was deaf to my call and i could only follow as quickly as i could i tried not to panic but it was so scary i got him hiding in a bush he was so upset and shaking .I just stood there crying and cuddling him passerby must have thought i was a crazy woman.When we got home i got all the collars with the snap buckles and threw them in the bin i will buy them all safer collars in the morning.I decided to take him back out later in the day to leave him a positive felling about going out i put on a safer collar and off we set it went well and we returned home with a happy puppy.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Ruben"s Photo

I decided to have Rubens (NorthLyte Timeless) picture taken to celebrate his "Our Dogs" Top Sire Award i asked his breeder Liz (Northlyte) to be in the picture with Ruben and myself,what a day it turned out to be Ruben was no bother he stood like a proper little model he was so patient.The problem was Liz and my self when the photographer had the picture on the computer we were aghast at our images nothing to do with the photos it was just our faces they looked like Aliens With some patients from the photographer we eventually got a photo that wouldn't scare the kids as Rabbie Burns said "O the gift to gie us to see oor selfs as ithers see us"well Liz and i both thought we were bonnie.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Top Sire

Ruben has been awarded the Top Sire for Papillons in Our Dogs for 2008 he has Sired some really nice puppies.Angela (Adnamashan Papillon"s)has three in the show ring at present they have done so well this has enabled Ruben to gain this award.I am hoping to follow in there success as i will be showing my first puppy from Ruben(Bonmeshay"s Get Carter) he is looking real nice so lets hope the judges will also think so