Monday, 26 January 2009

Ruben"s Photo

I decided to have Rubens (NorthLyte Timeless) picture taken to celebrate his "Our Dogs" Top Sire Award i asked his breeder Liz (Northlyte) to be in the picture with Ruben and myself,what a day it turned out to be Ruben was no bother he stood like a proper little model he was so patient.The problem was Liz and my self when the photographer had the picture on the computer we were aghast at our images nothing to do with the photos it was just our faces they looked like Aliens With some patients from the photographer we eventually got a photo that wouldn't scare the kids as Rabbie Burns said "O the gift to gie us to see oor selfs as ithers see us"well Liz and i both thought we were bonnie.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Top Sire

Ruben has been awarded the Top Sire for Papillons in Our Dogs for 2008 he has Sired some really nice puppies.Angela (Adnamashan Papillon"s)has three in the show ring at present they have done so well this has enabled Ruben to gain this award.I am hoping to follow in there success as i will be showing my first puppy from Ruben(Bonmeshay"s Get Carter) he is looking real nice so lets hope the judges will also think so