Sunday, 31 May 2009

Well done Leo& Bonnie

Abbeyton Sunshine Boy at Bonmeshay AKA Leo Has had a fabulous start to the first agility show year he attended the Avon dog agility show he was entered for 4 classes and took first place in every class he thoroughly enjoyed himself, he has now won out of grade 2 and will now run in grade 3 not bad for the first show of the year.Leo was joined by Bonnie our little cross breed who at the age of nine was only entered in one class in which she took second place to Leo"s first,a good time was had by all.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

So Proud

(Northlyte Timeless @Bonmeshay) AKA my Ruben was invited to compete in the very prestigious Scottish Show dog of the year at Ingleston Show ground he did not win but he beat quite a few dogs of different breeds he showed so well and i was so proud to be taking him around the very large ring he moved so so well, he is a wee show man.He flew the flag for the Papillons and did a fantastic job of it.

lilly loo loo Wee Soul

Lilly Loo Loo has been at out of sorts lately as just after operation she came into season.She just did not know what end to worry about ,but her operation site is healing really well and she is starting to put her little leg down but she still doesn't like it to be touched.Her season still has just over a week to go so in that department she is still out of sorts (but she has decided she likes the boys ) no chance this little lady will be spayed i think she has gone through enough she can just have an easy life .

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Lilly Loo Loo recovering

Lilly Loo looking and feeling a lot better she is eating " a little often" but that's OK as long as she is eating.I had her at vet this morning for her check up and he is very pleased the wound is clean and no sign of infection so unless there is anything i am concerned about he wont need to see her till next Friday to have stitches removed.