Saturday 2 January 2010

Fie Nearly all grown up

I haven't been on line for quite some time it was a busy time with the pups, three have gone to really nice homes i wanted to keep them all but it just was not possible but i know i will hear all about them as time goes on .I kept one of the wee girls Fie formally called Gracie she is in the picture sitting by the fire with her mum ,aunt tootsie ,and Uncle Leo she is the one looking at the camera She is a nice wee pup and a bundle of fun the other dogs are so very patient with her as she pesters them to play with her .I am hoping she turns out as nice as her mum and dad i will take her to the shows and see how she gets on, so far she is looking nice and moves well like her dad .She doesn't care what she looks like she is happy to play and get mucky with the rest of them.She wont be going any where no matter what happens in the show ring

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