Friday, 4 July 2008

Lilly Loo Loo

Sad news on Tootsie wee girl pup she has been diagnosed with the condition Ectrodactyly(Lobster Claw) This occurs at the Embriotic Stage its not Genetic.My Vet has never seen it. On further research into the condition it seems to be rare and is mainly seen in larger breeds.Lilly Loo Loo 'S Radial and Ulna bones on her front leg are split up to her elbow and the leg is shorter than the rest .The only course of action is to amputate her leg she will see our Vet when she reaches three weeks and we will discuss our next plan for her.She will be living with us what ever lies a head for her .The wee boy is doing real well, both have more than doubled their weight

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