Thursday, 30 April 2009

Lilly Loo Loo "s operation

It has been a worrying couple of days Lilly Loo Loo went to get her leg sorted the vet asked me to come in and discuss what was best for Lill and what the options were.Its was a day i just did not want to come but she has come through it really well ,the photo shows what she is left with it looks horrific but it is nice and clean and when her hair grows it will be fine.She is such a wee brave sole shortly after this photo was taken she wanted out to do her toilet.Vet wants to see her on Saturday just to check it over but so far there seems to be no problem.I will keep the blog up to date on her recovery has she has a few fans who have been asking after her and wanted to know how she gets on.( May be to day i can take a deep breath she is through the worse)


Mal Burns said...

Hugs for Lilly Loo and hope she goes from strength to strength now.

best wishes,


Hazel said...

Thinking of you at this worrying time. Fingers and everything else crossed. me and the gang xx