Saturday, 29 November 2008

Lost that loving feeling

Well Ruben must be over the fact that two of the girls are in season ,he has resigned himself to waiting he is sure mum will have a nice little bitch for him soon.He showed very well at the papillon show today looking as good as ever. The girls at home a distant memory he got best dog in show and reserve best in show.I showed two of my pal Joanie"s!!!!dogs Indy and Marnie both showed well but would have benefited from having there mum to show them but she was busy doing some stewarding for the club .Marnie got a third in Limit and Indy a forth in Junior,It was a long day we were there first thing in the morning to set up the hall and then to clear up at the end but it was a lovely day.


Abbeyton Papillons & Phalenes said...

Hello this is Joanie!!!!!!!!!! I thought you were my friend??????? LOL Oh how I hate that name, call me Betty, call me Mary even call me on the phone but please don't call me Joanie.

Abbeyton Papillons & Phalenes said...

Oh and forgot to say, Thankyou very much, thankyou very very much for looking after my dogs and showing them.