Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Lilly Loo Loo

Well things have taken a turn for the worse for Lily LOO,her late"s visit to the vet has resulted in the vets having a change of mind regarding her little leg they now feel it should be amputated as its not growing as well as we had hoped and it is of no use to her.It would be better for her to have it removed.I had hoped we could have saved it for her but its just not to be ,its such a pity and i feel so sad for her but as the vet said she has never used it so she wont know any different .I just wanted her to be whole and happy she wont be whole but we will make sure she is happy and she continues to boss her brother about.Our vet would like to wait till she is a bit older and stronger before operating on her so its just a matter of waiting.


Anonymous said...

That is so sad.

Petitchien Papillons said...

So sorry about Lily Loos little leg, but am sure with the care and love that she gets from you that she will get over it and be much more comfortable in the long run. Debs

Gennasus said...

Hi Anna! What a shame about her leg. I'm sure she'll manage fine without it, dogs can be quite amazing, they just get on with things.